How do you manage innovation?

Understanding how to sets you apart from the 73% of companies that don't.

What is innovation?
How do you inspire it?
How do you communicate it?

Finding the answers to these questions has been core to my life's work.

These questions about innovation are a serious issue. According to research from McKinsey, while 70% of leaders say innovation is a core driver of growth, over 65% of leaders are generally disappointed in their ability to stimulate innovation in their organisations.

Over the last 20 years, I have worked with fast-paced American startups to build companies worth over $100M, as well as global corporations like P&G, Intel and Facebook, financial institutions and government agencies.

As I observed the different approaches and cultures, I saw patterns emerge. I started mapping this with research in the fields of psychology, leadership, design thinking and even the lean startup movement to understand the deeper structure of these patterns.

What emerged was the Thinking.School curriculum - a set of courses that help leaders and organisations become practitioners of innovation and creative problem solving.

Innovation is a discipline and creativity is a learned skill.

The Thinking.School courses give you and your team proven tools and frameworks to realise creative problem solving and innovation in your organisation consistently.

Communication, strategic thinking and creative problem-solving are in the top four skills organisations want but can’t find.

courses and workshops

The Innovation Leadership Workshop is an in-person, two-day intense learning experience designed by Joe Cincotta for organisations who want to understand and lead innovation.

The Innovation Execution Workshop is a two-day experience designed by Joe Cincotta to build teams creative thinking skills using proven strategies that can be examined, practiced, and deliberately developed.

The Innovation Mentorship Program is a 12-month program delivered via our online social learning platform that helps leaders and practitioners deeply understand and adopt the material from the Leadership and Execution courses with weekly one-on-one coaching, extra tools, and even more strategies for driving creativity and innovation in their career.

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