The secret to attracting great talent is…

In this podcast-only episode I’m sharing a presentation I did for the regional ICT group. I was invited to attend the University of Wollongong where I had been fortunate enough to study a decade ago.

The theme of the presentation was “Attracting and Retaining Talent”. Naturally I wanted to share a talk about the most viewed PowerPoint in history, a dead psychologist and the mating rituals of the Giant Australian Cuttlefish.

Yes, three strange and seemingly disconnected ideas, but I promise they all make sense.

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Links to the presentations and books referred to in the presentation are:

Netflix Culture: Freedom and Responsibility

Peak:How Great Companies get their Mojo from Maslow by Chip Conley

Leading Snowflakes by Oren Ellenbogen (See Lesson 8)

Shoutout to Johan Andersson for the sound track (Bombo – originally composed by Ben Daglish) download his tunes at

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