Fintech Innovation Leaders – Mastertek

This week we meet Jamie Anderson, CEO of  Mastertek.

We discuss their world first remuneration benchmarking technology and we also look at Jamie's new project - benchmarking the salaries in the fintech and disruptive tech sectors. A very interesting conversation indeed - looking at how overheated markets can misuse data and inflate salaries: key takeaway is Jamie thinks the fintech is going to be facing this issue over the coming year.

This is the Fintech Innovation Leaders interview series. This series of interviews gives you a chance to get firsthand experience from the world leaders in fintech, who are right here in Australia.

For more information on participating in the fintech/disruptive tech salary survey, go here for expressions of interest.


Credit to Bent Stamnes (Subsquare) for the soundtrack we use in the intro and outro. His music is available from

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