Getting my Team to Care

For the last installment of my ‘Three Things’ series, “Getting my team to care” is one of those phrases that turned up again and again in my research.

It seems like getting a team on board with your goals or the goals of the business feels nearly impossible for a lot of people.

This week I want to show you the three steps to get a team completely engaged in a vision and goals.

The secret is simple: motivation is short term and superficial, while inspiration drives real behavior change. So how do you ‘create’ inspiration in a team?

For this week’s post, I am standing on the shoulders of giants:

  • Simon Sinek wrote a the book called Start with Why. You should get it!
  • Chip and Dan Heath have written a bunch of amazing books. Their book called “Made to Stick” reveals the anatomy of ideas that “stick” and explains sure-fire methods for you to use. Absolutely worth reading this one!

  • Go on, give it a try!

    I am finalizing the Thinking School course, so it would be great to get your feedback about this week’s post – Please share in the comments below.

    Look forward to seeing you again next week!

    Take care.

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