Innovation Podcast Episode 22 – Virtual Reality [Part Two]

This is the second episode in the two part series on my experience of Virtual Reality after visiting the SwitchOn event in Ipswich.

SwitchOn was held at Fire Station 101, which is an amazing innovation hub based in Ipswich (Regional Queensland).

While there was an array of different technologies on display from the exotic AmigaOne, to retro Vic 20, the piece that stood out for me was having a day of playing with the Vive and live presentation sessions from experts on VR and 360-degree immersive film technology.

This episode is looking at the future of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360-degree Film as all these technologies converge. Special thank you to John Doolan from The Pulse in Sydney, and Paul Moran, who is an independent film maker based in Hollywood, for their presentations.

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Bonus points: check out a preview of John's work which is available on the Steam store if you have your own VR kit.

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Credit to Bent Stamnes (Subsquare) for the soundtrack we use in the intro and outro. His music is available from

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