The Opportunity in Hearing

Hearing. It’s an automatic ability we all have, right?

The problem is that our greatest strength is also our biggest weakness: our mind is designed to interpret and judge what we hear as we hear it – the problem is, just as neuroscience has found we make decisions subconsciously up to four seconds before we are aware of them, the background noise of our judgments from previous experiences or preconceptions colours our understanding of what people actually say without us being aware of this effect.

In this week’s post, I want to pass on a little mental trick that I was given by one of my mentors – and I practice using it all the time: “The Gap”. Check it out…

I mentioned Landmark education this week. In case you’re wondering what that is all about, have a read of this article from The Guardian which captures the experience really well.

Go on, give it a try!

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PS: Shoutout to Johan Andersson for the soundtrack (Acoustic cover – originally composed by Martin Galway) download his tunes at

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